Friday, February 1, 2008

Fantastically Fabulous February Packs

Mermaid Splash Pack
What better way to celebrate the long hot days of Summer than with this pack - it will have you thinking of waves crashing on the beach, floating flowers in a pool or sipping cocktails watching the sunset. Relaxing and chilling out or living it up surfing, your Summer photos will fit right in with this Pack.
True Love Fairytale Style (Our Valentine Pack) We are romantics at heart - but alas our husbands are not, so instead of putting a very lovie dovie pack together for Valentine's, we have been inspired by the colours of the day. This pack is suited for either a true romance LO, an everyday LO or what ever you can dream up.

(Please note that there is no cardstock with this pack - the patterned paper is a thick paper. What looks like cardstock in this photo is actually my table.)



Jodi said...

very nice tracey... I have LO's in mind now....

Cant wait to get them


Natasha said...

Both kits are very nice.

Looking forward to getting one :)